WT32-SC01 Expansion Board

Expansion board for the WT32-SC01 Dev Kit

this board is ready to be connected to one of the 2 expansions connector of the WT32-SC01 from Wireless-Tag (c) http://www.wireless-tag.com/portfolio/wt32-sc01/

It includes the following features:

  • LiPo – LiIon battery charger with overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • 2 push buttons
  • DS3131M + backup battery RTC clock
  • Micro SD connector
  • MCP4725 DAC + Speaker amplifier
  • I2C, IO, Control, Power connectors
  • Battery Voltage Senror

The PCB dimension fits to the WT32-SC01’s.

Demo Source Code


The demo source code tests all the expansion board feature. The testing code is provided « as is » and includes :

  • DAC setup and test
  • Basic GUI with buttons and actions control
  • I2C scanner
  • JPEG decoder and display
  • SD Card files acces control
  • SPIFF files acces control
  • RTC maangement
  • Web Server with WiFi settings and control

Note : check the code to mofidy and adjust for your testing. The « Display Picture » feature loads by defaut « logo.jpg » from the SD Card

Power Consumption

The Powwer consumption of the entire system (WT32 + Expansion board) have been performed using the Li-Ion battery:

  • Wifi Connection and registration : 700mA
  • Normal running : 460 mA
  • Light Sleep Mode : 80 mA

These measurements are performed using the provided test code.

Important Notice : Power OFF the on board power supply during the programming

You want a PCB ?

the PCB can be purchased here https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/1239499505/wt32-sc01-expansion-board-pcb-only